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Release Dates:

Japan: October 31, 2003

Europe: December 8, 2006

Australia: April 24, 2008

North America: October 2, 2008

Club Nintendo is a Rewards/Loyalty program made by Nintendo in October 2, 2008.

How it WorksEdit

  1. Buy a Nintendo Game or Console (more likely new).
  2. Sign Up (or login) for your Club Nintendo account.
  3. click Register a Product.
  4. Type in your PIN/Serial #.
  5.  Fill out the survey.

Serial #: 90-day Warranty.

PIN: Coins (# depending on item)

What Do The Coins DoEdit

The Coins are or buying virual entities, such as Virtual Console Games & Wallpapers, or Physical items, such as Retail games & accessories.

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